Minnesota has a rich history with the peony. Pioneers brought these treasured plants with them when they made their homestead here. There were also several early internationally known peony hybridizers who made there home here in Minnesota. They included Archie Brand, Alonzo Franklin, Eugene Lins of Cologne, MN., and the Brands to name a few. The first beginnings of the Minnesota Peony Society started as the Minnesota Horticultural Society then The Minnesota Flower Society or The Northwest Peony and Iris Society which changed to the Minnesota Peony and Iris Society in the 1940s. While mostly the same people belonged to all three groups, the iris lovers didn’t get enough attention to discuss their irises. The members and officers were “all peony lovers” and so the societies split in 1951 although Iris Society members both continued with the old peony group for friendship and joint shows until the shows eventually split apart.


‘Mrs. A.M. Brand’, Brand 1925


2017 – 2019 Officers 

President: Todd Rabell O’Halloran, Hastings
Vice President: Cindy Larson, Hillman
Recording Secretary: Dee Moreland, Minneapolis
Treasurer/Membership: Linette Sorrentino, Chaska
Newsletter Editor: Mary Yee, Edina
Past President: David Sorrentino, Chaska

Directors at Large

Mary Schwartzbauer, Hastings
Harvey Buchite, Spring Grove
Geneva Weisser, Hastings 

Committee Chairs

Root Auction Chair: Linette Sorrentino, Chaska
Exhibition Chair: Cory Tischman and Jeff Delaney                   
Garden Tour/Picnic Chair: Michelle Conley, Eagan
Hospitality Chair: Mary Schwartzbauer, Hastings
Publisher: Denese Erickson, St Louis Park
Facebook Chair: Linette Sorrentino, Chaska
Volunteer Chair: Raquel Crescini, Edina
Web Site: David Sorrentino, Chaska
Publicity: Jennifer Pottebaum, Plymouth
Historian: open


Click the following link to view the Minnesota Peony Society Bylaws:

MN Peony Society Bylaws