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The Minnesota Peony Society (MPS) purpose is to foster the sharing of knowledge and enjoyment to our members in the culture of peonies and to promote the genus peonia. We support educational events, sponsor a regional flower show and serve as a local affiliate of the American Peony Society. MPS is open to anyone with the interest in peonies. Our online mission is to keep you informed of events and share resources in the upper Midwest area of the United States, specifically in the State of Minnesota. You are welcome to explore our peony culture information and visit our photo galleries. We hope you enjoy our website.

Minnesota has a rich history with the peony. Pioneers brought these treasured plants with them when they made their homestead here. There were also several early internationally known peony hybridizers who made there home here in Minnesota. They included Archie Brand, Alonzo Franklin, Eugene Lins of Cologne, MN., and the Brands to name a few. The first beginnings of the Minnesota Peony Society started as the Minnesota Horticultural Society then The Minnesota Flower Society or The Northwest Peony and Iris Society which changed to the Minnesota Peony and Iris Society in the 1940s. While mostly the same people belonged to all three groups, the iris lovers didn’t get enough attention to discuss their irises. The members and officers were “all peony lovers” and so the societies split in 1951 although Iris Society members both continued with the old peony group for friendship and joint shows until the shows eventually split apart.

A.M. Brand and Edward Flynn 

Officers and Board

Officer and board members are elected every 2 years by the general membership and can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. The Treasurer/Membership position can serve an additional 3rd term.  If a person resigns during the term then the position can be appointed by the president until the next election. Committee positions are also all volunteers with no term limits. Minnesota Peony Society is all-inclusive and welcomes anyone with an interest in peonies. 

2023 – 2024 Officers

President (1st term): Mary Schwartzbauer, Hastings
Vice President (1st term): Jill Stevens, Benson
Recording Secretary (1st term): Mary Muellner
Treasurer/Membership: Linette Sorrentino, Chaska
Newsletter Editor/Publisher (1st term): Matthew RentschRobbinsdale
Past President: Todd Rabell O’Halloran, Hastings

Directors at Large (3)

Kathy Julius, Golden Valley
Kristine Poelzer, Arden Hills 
David Sorrentino, Chaska

Committee Chairs

Fall Root Auction Chair: Linette Sorrentino, Chaska
Exhibition Chair: Linette Sorrentino, Chaska
Garden Tour/Picnic Chair: open
Hospitality Chair: Mary Schwartzbauer, Hastings
Social Media Chair: Linette Sorrentino, Chaska
Volunteer Chair: open
Web Site: David Sorrentino, Chaska
Scientific Studies: open
Historian: open
Publicity : open


Click the following link to view the Minnesota Peony Society Bylaws:

MN Peony Society Bylaws