Minnesota Peony Society Picnic

Thank you so much for your involvement and attendance to all who participated in the APS convention this past week. We had a great turnout, the peonies were lovely and a good time was had by all!

Unfortunately, we had planned to have a volunteer appreciation picnic this coming Sunday, June 16, 2024, and that has been postponed until next summer. 
– First of all, many had asked me why they were not contacted to volunteer when they had signed up offering to do so. The APS Convention ‘took over’ all activities and contacting everyone got left out of the loop, I apologize greatly for that. Be sure there will be plenty of local peony opportunities to help in the future! In fact, we need a volunteer coordinator as well as a garden tour/picnic coordinator so if either of those positions sound interesting to you please let me know!
-Secondly, we have decided to hold this event next summer and open it up to the entire membership, not just those who offered to volunteer. Kevin had offered four different places for us to visit, very near each other, and I would prefer our whole group have the opportunity to see it rather than just a few. Those who offered to  volunteer, even though you weren’t given the chance to shine, will get a ‘little something extra’ for offering!

In the next few months, as we plan our peony calendar for next year, this event will be at the top of the list! We hopefully will decide on a date that works great for everyone so we can all enjoy it together.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.