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MPS is a regional peony society in Minnesota whose mission is to promote interest and appreciation on the growing of peonies, with educational programs and events as appropriate to members and to the public.

MPS invites you to explore our online information on Peony Culture and News and Events. All are welcome to become members which includes newsletter subscription and special member events. 


Latest News!

Minnesota Peony Society 2021 Auction

Last chance to get peony roots for 2021!

The fall root auction is now scheduled for September 25, 2021 at Bachman’s Heritage Room. Auction is at 1PM and the peony root dividing demonstration is at 11:30AM. We have a lot of very nice varieties including some new introductions as well as very hard to find ones. There are also plenty of well known varieties that are found more common, so don’t be shy, there will be peonies available for all levels of discern. The auction is open to all!
See the link following for full information and schedule:


Want to see the list of peonies being offered? Click the following link for a list with pictures.

Thank you to the following donors of the MPS 2021 Root Auction:

Solaris Farms – Nate Bremer
Yellowbank Peonies – Jack Nordick
Swenson Peony Gardens – Keith and Becky Swenson
Adelman Peony Gardens – Salem, Oregon
Jill Stevens – Benson, MN
Fina Gardens – Sam and Helen Finazzo
David and Linette Sorrentino
Sevald Nursery- Alvin Sevald
Roger Storms – Lins Garden
Mary Yee
Denese Erickson
Cory Tischman/Jeff Delany
Karen and Tim McCauley
Steve Johnson


Upcoming Peony Events


American Peony Society Convention
June 1-5, 2022
Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan