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MPS Annual Educational Event


10:30am – 11:45am: Floral Design Seminar:  with National Garden Club judge, Phyllis Andrews

12:00 noon: MPS Social

12:30pm: MPS Business Meeting
Come and hear about our plans for 2017.

1:00pm – 3:00pm: Peony Culture Seminar: Minnesota’s Grand Peony History” with Harvey Buchite of Hidden Springs Flower Farm, Spring Grove, Minnesota

This presentation will cover the Minnesota Legacy Program. Over 100 colorful images bring some of Minnesota’s heritage to life with world renowned hybridizers like Brand’s, Tischler, Lins, Pfeiffer and Franklin. Over 100 colorful images bring these historical flowers to life. Come learn about Minnesota’s leadership in the peony world as well as useful tips on growing peonies.

Hidden Springs Flower Farm is a family owned farm and nursery specializing in peonies, daylilies and hardy perennials and unusual woody and woodland plants. Located on 54 acres in the beautiful Bluff Country of Southeastern Minnesota in Spring Grove, they grow over 600 peony varieties. Owners, Harvey and Brigitte Buchite have been involved in raising plants nearly all of their lives.

Harvey is a past president of both the Minnesota Peony Society and American Peony Society.



Photo: A.M. Brand and Edward F. Flynn in a field with Peony Edward F. Flynn (courtesy of Harvey Buchite)