2020 MPS Photo Share

Events were either postponed or cancelled this year. The MPS show “Tapestry of Peonies” was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. MPS would like to invite you to instead share your 2020 peony experiences with photo’s from your gardens or social distanced friend’s gardens. The photos can be of any category, single flowers, plants, gardens, people in gardens, whatever peony related scene is of interest.

There are several changes on the web site. The front page has a form to upload your photos. These will then be added to the Gallery if  appropriate. MPS has also added a social media resource tab under ‘Resources’ to follow on face book. MPS president Todd has set up a group page for photo , information and comment share. We would like to hear your thoughts about the peony bloom this year. Does it look like like a typical year?  One comment heard was that the peonies look ‘leggy’ (especially tall) this year. One theory is that we had a record wet year last year and this is the result. What are you thoughts? Post a picture either on this website and/or go to the facebook group for further viewing. 

Have fun and Happy Posting!

Author: david

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